Renewable Regina Forum

The City of Regina has committed to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. You can contribute to this goal by participating in Cathedral’s 100% Renewable Regina Forum on February 29.

Connect with other Cathedral residents who understand the importance of transitioning to renewables citywide. Share your stories, visions, and ideas for the City’s plans, and fuel excitement for the possibilities.

The 100% Renewable Regina Forum is an opportunity for neighbourhood-level dialogue and will produce a report that will be presented to Regina’s city council.

Youth forums will be facilitated by educators for groups aged 6 to 10 years old and 11 to 15 years old.

Registration is free.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend the 100% Renewable Regina Forum (so we know how many snacks to buy).

Media contact and more information: 306.569.8755 or

Forum Schedule

12:45pm    Doors Open and Community Fair
1:00pmWelcome and Opening
1:10pmIntroductions, Icebreakers
1:30pmShort presentations
2:15pmEstablishing Values: What values should inform a renewable energy plan?
• break out into small groups
• sharing community-generated values
2:40pmBig Ideas: What big ideas will get Regina to its 100% renewable goal?
• ideas will be generated by the whole group through an activity
• break into small groups and brainstorm routes to achieving your big idea
• small groups report back to large group
3:55pmYouth groups report back
4:10pmCommunity Asset Mapping: What resources are available in Cathedral that will help achieve the renewable goal?
4:30pmWrap Up and Closing

List Of Speakers

Andrew Stevens about the city’s Renewable Regina Motion and neighborhood level support and actions

Taya Triffo on what other cities are doing to implement similar policies and technical options and what is within their powers

Ada Dechene presenting the summary of the report produced from November’s Youth Forum

Emily Eaton on equity and Indigenous rights in the transition – summarizing the Just Transitions Forum

Matt Pointer from Sask Electric Vehicle Association

Video from Sask Environmental Society about small local business actions

NOTE: The 100% Renewable Regina Forum is a neighbourhood discussion initiative led by the Cathedral Area Community Association’s Environment Action committee. It is not connected to the city’s sustainability conference.

Help Promote The Forum

Please help us spread the word about this forum by putting up posters and spreading our information around the web. Below are pdfs of our poster image, in colour and black&white, that you can print out and put up around the neighbourhood. Also, there’s a jpg that you can put up on social media.

Thanks for your help.


Renewable Regina Colour Poster Link

Social Meda Image

Cathedral Area Community Association would like to thank SaskOutdoors and Westminster United Church for their support.