Get Help Clearing Your Sidewalk

We’re really glad you’re contacting the Cathedral Snow Angels. Once you submit the form below, we’ll contact you and match you with a Snow Angel in your area.

The Cathedral Snow Angels program is provided for people can’t clear thier sidewalk, whether due to age, an injury, condition or illness and they can’t afford to hire someone to clear their walk for them.

If you CAN afford to hire a shovelling service but don’t know of any, contact the Cathedral Village Community Association at 306-569-8755 or and we’ll help.

Cathedral Snow Angels is a free shovelling service offered to Cathedral residents who cannot clear their own sidewalk and cannot afford to hire someone to do that work. If you can afford to hire a shovelling service but don't know of one, contact the CVCA at 306.569.8755 and we can help. If you have family, friends or neighbours you can rely on to clear your walk, please approach them before signing up for a Snow Angel.