Cathedral Snow Angels

Cathedral Snow Angels

Cathedral Snow Angels is a city-supported, community initiative to harness the power of volunteerism to keep our sidewalks clear through the winter.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep their sidewalk clear but many people can’t, whether due to age, an injury, condition or illness and they can’t afford to hire someone to clear their walk for them.

That’s where Cathedral Snow Angels come in.

Cathedral Snow Angels are Cathedral residents who’ve come forward and offered to clear the walks of friends and neighbours who need a little help.

And you can sign up! Either to be a volunteer Cathedral Snow Angel or to get help from a Snow Angel.

Do you

want to volunteer clearing sidewalks?

need help keeping your sidewalk clear?

know someone who might need help clearing their sidewalk?

… OR …

Do you know of someone who has been shovelling their neighbours’ walks without being asked? Is there that guy on your street who snowblows the entire block even though no one has arranged to have that done?

Help us recognize all of Cathedral’s Snow Angels — even the ones who don’t know about this program but help keep our sidewalks safe anyway — by nominating them to be added to our list of possibly prize winners!

Nominate a neighbour as a Cathedral Snow Angel